Cycles, a short story

She was in love, and everything was perfect – until it wasn’t. Nothing stays perfect forever, but the love will come back like the moon does, and everything will be okay for a while. Just make sure you don’t stay out after dark.

Forgotten, an ongoing serial novel

Forgotten is a serialized novel following Ada, a witch who forgot she was a witch, on a journey with her dog, Priddy, and unwitting human friend, Maeve, as they try to unlock the secrets to Ada’s past. New chapters every two weeks.

Happenstance (Book One of the Happenstance Series) – Preview

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The Happenstance Series

Think Alice and Wonderland meets The Mortal Instruments. In this coming-of-age fairytale, follow teenager Caprice Beaumont as she moves between her world and another in order to protect those she loves.

A snippet from Serendipity:

Linayh shushes me and reaches under her dress for something. She flips the object up and I see that it is a knife. She hands me a second one. ‘Straight for the heart, just like we practiced. Don’t walk away until he isn’t moving.’

I nod and send Mills up into the rafters. My throat seems to stick to itself. The handle feels red hot in my hand.

Happenstance (Book One of the Happenstance Series)

Join Caprice, along with friends Rune, Viri, and Warrick in the first installment of the Happenstance trilogy. She may be in a world where magic exists and nothing makes sense, but that won’t keep Caprice form fighting for what’s right.

Incident (Book Two of the Happenstance Series)

With danger constantly on their heels, Caprice and her friends try to reunite only to be torn further apart. The Nameless Lady will stop at nothing to find Caprice, but a new force with will stop at nothing to keep Caprice safe: her mother.

Serendipity (Book Three of the Happenstance Series)

With a war at hand and her loved ones scattered, every day for Caprice is filled with confusion and fear. She’s made it this far, but without her friends to guide her, will Caprice’s sense of justice waver under the thumb of the Lady’s power?

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