rock! IT’S WINTER HOLIDAY SEASON! There are a lot of winter holidays, but the first one I celebrate is CHRISTMAS, my favorite time of the year! I love the lights, the coziness, the whole gift-giving-receiving ritual, and the MAGIC! AHHHH!!!

But, at the same time, the 2020 winter holiday season is different for a lot of people. Everything has been virtual and distant for almost a year here in the US (depending on where you are in the country, actually) and, in cases like these, sometimes a little escapism is necessary.

So, everyone’s favorite Christmas story, Happenstance, and it’s sequel, Incident, will be free from Dec. 21-25! (Kindle version, of course–but paperback is always available if you want some pages between your fingers.)

While Happenstance isn’t aaaactually about Christmas, it does begin on Christmas Day, when Caprice–after a fight with her mother–stumbles out of her bedroom window and into a magic tree. She might have thought hanging out with her family was bad, but it’s nothing compared to dealing with finicky sparrow, Nyx, and overly-friendly half-elf, Rune.



A Handful of Cheese

I am an emotional person. If you’ve read my writing, you might know that; everyone I write is constantly crying and saying how much they love each other or ruminating on the intricacies and horrors of life. So, when I proofread the last word of the final draft of the FINAL book of my FIRST series, I kind of lost all sense of self and purpose! Ha!

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Coming Soon to a Wishlist Near You…

That’s right. New covers are here! Happenstance and Incident have gotten makeovers, but these babies aren’t looking good just for themselves. Nope; for the last couple months, I’ve worked with a cover designer (linked below) to tweak these covers to perfection as I’ve typed, typed, and typed some more to bring the trilogy to its so-called (by me) thrilling conclusion.

THAT IS RIGHT: Serendipity is coming! The end is near! My eyes are strained and my heart is full!

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During the Meantime…

Well, a lot can happen in 2.5 months, and a lot did. I’ve ended up back on the east coast for a little while and I didn’t do a lot of writing. I did, however, drive (very CAUTIOUSLY) across the country, see some folks that I hadn’t seen for a while, and found a new vet for my cats. After all of that, I felt a little (a lot) depleted, and I could barely crank out 500 words on some days. Boo!

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