October 8th: It Comes at Night (2017) ☆☆☆☆

What comes at night? I don’t know, but I like it!

With a pandemic still raging (here in the US, anyway), this movie hit a little differently than the first time I watched and barely paid attention to it. A lot of my movie-watching is dictated by Mr. Husband, Nelson, since we watch everything together, and Nelson had seen this movie before me. That meant that he thought it would be best to just skip through to all the “cool” parts for my enjoyment (I did not enjoy that.)

But what I did see, I liked, so I was glad to give this movie a real shot, and watching it flew by almost as if I hardly saw anything at all. It Comes at Night is an artful, chilling take on sickness-related isolation, something akin to the small-group anxiety of zombie movies, but the humans never look like monsters, which makes it all the worse. You can catch this film, directed by Trey Edward Shults, is available on Netflix.

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Halloween Movie-a-Day 2020


Okay, it’s only October 2nd (3rd, technically, but whose counting midnight hours?), but everyone self-respecting horror and creep fanatic knows that one of the best times of year, Halloween Season (Halloweason, if you’re feeling it) begins as soon as the wind whisks October onto our calendars.

But Halloween–and Halloweason, by extension–is going to be different for all of us this year. Close-contact haunted houses are out of the question for those of us who care about safety, and parties are, well, a horrible idea. So celebrating will have to be a little more home-oriented, and the perfect way to celebrate (unless you’re someone who has a porch to scatter pumpkins around on, in which case, I’m very jealous) is to watch movies!

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