rock! IT’S WINTER HOLIDAY SEASON! There are a lot of winter holidays, but the first one I celebrate is CHRISTMAS, my favorite time of the year! I love the lights, the coziness, the whole gift-giving-receiving ritual, and the MAGIC! AHHHH!!!

But, at the same time, the 2020 winter holiday season is different for a lot of people. Everything has been virtual and distant for almost a year here in the US (depending on where you are in the country, actually) and, in cases like these, sometimes a little escapism is necessary.

So, everyone’s favorite Christmas story, Happenstance, and it’s sequel, Incident, will be free from Dec. 21-25! (Kindle version, of course–but paperback is always available if you want some pages between your fingers.)

While Happenstance isn’t aaaactually about Christmas, it does begin on Christmas Day, when Caprice–after a fight with her mother–stumbles out of her bedroom window and into a magic tree. She might have thought hanging out with her family was bad, but it’s nothing compared to dealing with finicky sparrow, Nyx, and overly-friendly half-elf, Rune.



Faux Box Set Available!

Well, well, well, for all of you who like having your trilogies in one hefty ebook file, The Happenstance Series Collection is now available for you! Read Happenstance, Incident, and Serendipity without even hitting the back button on your Kindle or Kindle App (which you can download FOR FREEEEEEE on your phone, tablet, or computer). Yay!

But why is it a ‘faux’ box set? Well, because there is no box. The picture on the Amazon listing is fake; I made it. It’s all a big fake. But, it’s three books in one, and that part is super real. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, get the collection today, and then review it, and then lend it to your friend, and then have THEM review it, and, at the end of the day, we’ll all be happy.

Til next time,


Forget, Remember, Rinse, and Repeat.

My outlines are not something I often show people. Each one is different. For a shorter story, I might not even have one; likely, I’ll just have a page full of incoherent scribbles and some random questions to get my brain stormin’. For Happenstance, I had, like, a clear portfolio thing with an entire notebook, drawings, the whole shebang; the actual outline was action by action, with random little ideas on the notes in my phone of the margins of the notebook. It’s thick and awesome.

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A Handful of Cheese

I am an emotional person. If you’ve read my writing, you might know that; everyone I write is constantly crying and saying how much they love each other or ruminating on the intricacies and horrors of life. So, when I proofread the last word of the final draft of the FINAL book of my FIRST series, I kind of lost all sense of self and purpose! Ha!

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Coming Soon to a Wishlist Near You…

That’s right. New covers are here! Happenstance and Incident have gotten makeovers, but these babies aren’t looking good just for themselves. Nope; for the last couple months, I’ve worked with a cover designer (linked below) to tweak these covers to perfection as I’ve typed, typed, and typed some more to bring the trilogy to its so-called (by me) thrilling conclusion.

THAT IS RIGHT: Serendipity is coming! The end is near! My eyes are strained and my heart is full!

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