Forget, Remember, Rinse, and Repeat.

My outlines are not something I often show people. Each one is different. For a shorter story, I might not even have one; likely, I’ll just have a page full of incoherent scribbles and some random questions to get my brain stormin’. For Happenstance, I had, like, a clear portfolio thing with an entire notebook, drawings, the whole shebang; the actual outline was action by action, with random little ideas on the notes in my phone of the margins of the notebook. It’s thick and awesome.

Outlining Forgotten is a little different. The story started out with only an image: a painter by a river and the fox who bothered her. Initially, there was no real story. I wrote the first page and left it for something like a year. When I picked it up again for a creative writing class and wrote the first two chapters, the story came to life, and I had somewhere to go. But it wasn’t until I started producing Forgotten as a serial that the outline came to be a chapter-by-chapter mishmash of things happening.

During the long hiatus, I outlined a few more chapters, but I wasn’t getting where I wanted. I kept getting stuck. The biggest question still lingered: how is this story going to end? I lost a lot of momentum, especially with Happenstance on the brain. A little snippet from my outline is as follows:

  • CHAPTER 17 I think
    • lord
    • why am I writing this again?

Yeah. Seemingly pointless endeavors in the middle of a pandemic, when so many things already seem pointless, gave me something of an existential crisis. Yay! (On a sidenote: why does writing, the thing I enjoy more than almost anything else, always make my life feel like its crumbling?!? That’s not fair…)

But, if you haven’t guessed from the hyper-focus on my witchy girl, Forgotten is on the return! And I finished the outline–something I’ve never done so far from the ending–so I have content galore and plan to have a backlog of chapters to post weekly starting in October at the latest.

Be sure to catch up on any chapters you might have missed on and prepare for the magical return of Ada the Forgotten Witch!

(By the way, there’s a full blue moon on Halloween this year, in case anyone is interested.)

Stay cool,


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