A Handful of Cheese

I am an emotional person. If you’ve read my writing, you might know that; everyone I write is constantly crying and saying how much they love each other or ruminating on the intricacies and horrors of life. So, when I proofread the last word of the final draft of the FINAL book of my FIRST series, I kind of lost all sense of self and purpose! Ha!

Where do you go when you’ve reached the finish line? Well, in a race, you probably go home, but I was, of course, already home, so there was nowhere to go. And Happenstance has been like a home to me for the past eight freaking years, a constant state of story living in my mind that I hardly thought would actually wrap up!!!!!! Like, what?????? WHAT????????? IT’S DONE?????????? Wh-

But, yeah, it’s done. Caprice’s story, anyway. And, boy, was it a story (to write, at least. I hope it was half as wild to read as it was to create.) When the final cover was finished, Nelson said it looks like a horror novel. I said, “It is.” He stared at me. He began to question what I write, since he’s never actually read the books (but he’s heard literally every aspect of the story numerous times.) And I wasn’t lying–there are elements of horror to the series, but Serendipity takes it just a smidge further, just a little scoot further, just like a tiny bit. Like, a little. It’s a little horror.

The most horrifying part, though, is that it is O V E R. Do I make myself clear? The story I’ve spent like HALF of my life on is DONE! WHHHHHHH-

Okay. Yes. I’m okay. There are a lot more stories running around in my brain, and I’ve got to tell them. It’s good news for anyone who didn’t like the Happenstance series. If you are into a smidge of horror, magic, and friendship (always friendship, because it is the MOST IMPORTANT THING), then be sure to check out my serial novel, Forgotten, over at theforgottenwitch.com. That’s right, ya’ll; Ada is returning!

And, if you haven’t had a chance to read the Happenstance series because $0.99 is too much for you (I’m not kidding; you could buy a large iced coffee from McDonald’s for the same price with the ever-present app coupon) then you’re in luck, because Happenstance and Incident will be on sale soon! Be sure to check out my ‘Books and More’ tab for a link to purchase, or look it up on amazon.com.

Also, if you’ve read any of the books, please leave a review! I’m self-published, and reviews are one of the best ways for independent authors to get exposure and sell more books. Review me, ya’ll! Hit me hard! I DARE YOU. (If you don’t like the book, tell me, otherwise I’ll keep on cranking out this horrendous material and forcing it into everybody’s faces.)

Until next time, stay cheesy.


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