Coming Soon to a Wishlist Near You…

That’s right. New covers are here! Happenstance and Incident have gotten makeovers, but these babies aren’t looking good just for themselves. Nope; for the last couple months, I’ve worked with a cover designer (linked below) to tweak these covers to perfection as I’ve typed, typed, and typed some more to bring the trilogy to its so-called (by me) thrilling conclusion.

THAT IS RIGHT: Serendipity is coming! The end is near! My eyes are strained and my heart is full!

With new books and new covers come new giveaways, too, so if you haven’t been lucky enough to get the Kindle version of Happenstance or Incident for free before, get prepared, my friends. Download the Kindle app on your phone or computer and PREPARE TO READ. Find links to the series in Books and More!

Stay tuned for updates on the publication date of Serendipity, and don’t forget to wash your hands (and moisturize.) For updates and more, join my mailing list (in the Contact Me section) and follow on social media!

Yeehaw, and Farewell,


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