During the Meantime…

Well, a lot can happen in 2.5 months, and a lot did. I’ve ended up back on the east coast for a little while and I didn’t do a lot of writing. I did, however, drive (very CAUTIOUSLY) across the country, see some folks that I hadn’t seen for a while, and found a new vet for my cats. After all of that, I felt a little (a lot) depleted, and I could barely crank out 500 words on some days. Boo!

But, wow, I guess I did it–I finished the Happenstance series! The first draft of the ending, tentatively titled Serendipity (suggestions welcome), was completed today, and I cried. Yep. Turned to Nelson and said, “Hey, it’s done,” got a high five, stood up from my chair, stared at the window, and just started crying.

It’s done (sort of)! It’s really done (almost)! Hopefully, after spending the coming weeks editing, I’ll be publishing the THRILLING conclusion to Caprice’s story with all new covers for the trilogy. I can’t wait to unveil the ending to her story–although, aren’t all endings a type of beginning? Ha ha?

So, the eight-year long journey of Caprice and the Elda-Earth crew is closing. I bet my fifteen-year-old self never saw this coming. Just kidding; that kid saw no limits for herself. Even if I didn’t always know where this story was going, I’m just plain happy with how it ended, and I hope that any readers will be happy, too.

Although the Happenstance chapter of my life is heading behind me, there will be more works from this little brain of mine in the coming months. If you like magic, friendship, and cool ladies, be sure to keep an eye on my blog, social media, and newsletter, because more good stuff is coming your way!

Until next time,



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