INCIDENT is Out Now!

Well, it’s here! The second book in the Happenstance series, Incident, is available for purchase in paperback! The Kindle edition will be published in a couple of days, as well.

I really can’t believe that Incident is finally available. I started Happenstance way back in 2012 as a fun little teenager, and published in three years later in 2015. That means that Happenstance has a few issues; I’ve since been to college for English, so if I’m not better at writing now than I was then, i want my money back (also cancel student debt to stimulate the economy and give the American people a chance to live a fulfilling life rather than the current miserable crawl toward paying off one massive debt after another while working long hours and missing our families!)

In fact, I began the first draft of Incident shortly after finishing Happenstance. But I didn’t really know where to go. I was young, and all the UMPH had left me after gleefully finishing my second novel (my first, mind you, is no longer available for sale because it was not….my best work…..but I have high hopes for redemption of that story later on) so I couldn’t bring myself to develop the story any further at that point. Also, I was depressed, tired, and started dabbling in high school theatre, so I had a lot on my plate.

It wasn’t until the summer before last that I really tried to finish a draft of the book. Yes, I didn’t even finish the first draft until summer 2018. Yes, it took me three years to get past chapter two. But now it’s done, so who cares! I finished the second draft over the course of March and April–a whopping 79,000 words for my unpracticed little fingers–and proofread over it just last week. The cover was fun to do, too, and I’m glad that I got it done so quickly (with Nelson’s hesitant approval; he wasn’t fond of the bright yellow, but bright yellow it remained.)

I’m glad that the next part of Caprice’s story has reached the world. Plans for the next few months are coming together. My next mission: outline the final Happenstance book, and then finish my witchy little project, Forgotten. That’s right; I haven’t forgotten Forgotten. Ha.

ANYway, plan on more writing coming from me straight to you! To keep up with updates like these, follow me on my website or Facebook page, and sign up for my newsletter, available on the contact page!

Finally, I’ll leave you with access to some easy-listening tunes curated by me specifically to drown out all noise while I write. Most of the songs on this playlist have been staples in my Happenstance journey since the beginning, with a few additions along the way. Enjoy!

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