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Oct 16th: The Grudge 3 (2009) ☆☆1/2

Ooh, this one was a let down, but with such a giant franchise, some of the installments are going to flop.

Maybe–just maybe–if this was a standalone movie, and no one in the world had prior knowledge of the Grudge or Ju-On universe, this movie would have scared the snot out of me, but it didn’t. I’ve never seen any of the Grudge movies until now; I avoided them, much like the Ring movies, because I didn’t want to be afraid of the bathroom at night (unfortunately, I am anyway.) Maybe it’s good that I got one of the worst movies out of the way.

The Grudge 3 is directed by Toby Wilkins as opposed to Grudge-movie-originator and director of Grudges 1 and 2, Tamaki Shimuzu (a different writer, too.) It’s one of the only Grudge movies available to stream (found on Prime Video; you can rent or purchase the other two with a Prime account, though), hence why I chose to watch it. It was scary, but it didn’t give me shivers or anything, and, well, I only cared about one character.

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Oct 15th: A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting (2020) ☆☆☆

It’s Codename: Kids Next Door meets Halloweentown, sort of. Something like that.

I will be totally honest: most of the kid movies I have on my Halloween list are ones that I personally watched when I was little. Some movies are quite obviously meant for younger people, like this one, while others–Hocus Pocus and Paranorman, for example–don’t play up the innocence factor quite so much. But I didn’t want to rewatch anything this month except for those nostalgic classics (and It Comes at Night, since I didn’t really watch it the first time around), and I’ve seen almost every interesting horror movie on Netflix (English ones, at least, since Nelson likes to listen even though he isn’t watching half the time.)

So, Babysitter’s Guide was kind of a desperate pick, and I wasn’t expecting much. Thankfully, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, and I think it’s a world that I would have been o b s e s s e d with as a child. The Netflix original, directed by Rachal Talalay, is also based on a series of books by Joe Ballarini, who wrote the screenplay.

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Oct 14th: Fright Night (1985) ☆☆☆

I suppose a night like this would be pretty frightening, but I found it kind of fun (and annoying)!

We’ve all seen them: the solid, classic 80s teen movies, whether they be high school romance, or horror, or whatever Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is. They’re cool! Everyone has high waisted pants! Somehow virgins are always mentioned! What’s up with that?

Well, the original Fright Night, directed by Tom Holland (no, not that one, obviously) and available on Prime Video, is truly an 80s classic. From the huge house of a single mother to the probably-awesome-for-the-time CGI, Fright Night delivers a nice little Halloween escapade into the life of a rightfully terrified teenager with no one on his side.

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Oct 13th: The Quiet Ones (2014) ☆

Why am I doing this again?

I don’t even want to find a better quality picture for this movie. Why did I subject myself to this? Why? Why must I suffer in an effort to find the best horror/Halloween movies? What was the point? Dear God, what was the point?!

Alright. Available on Hulu and directed by John Progue, this horror film bAsEd On TrUe EvEnTs (the Philip experiment of 1972, a likely terrible parapsychology experiment that I’m too brain-numb to even read about) is boring and bland. Like licking sawdust.

Side note: have I become invulnerable to scares? Am I now an Infallible Horror Movie Master? Maybe this movie will scare some people, but it barely held my attention, let alone stayed with me. If you’re reading this, drop me the horror movie that scares you the most so that I can get some feeling back in my life.

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