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rock! IT’S WINTER HOLIDAY SEASON! There are a lot of winter holidays, but the first one I celebrate is CHRISTMAS, my favorite time of the year! I love the lights, the coziness, the whole gift-giving-receiving ritual, and the MAGIC! AHHHH!!!

But, at the same time, the 2020 winter holiday season is different for a lot of people. Everything has been virtual and distant for almost a year here in the US (depending on where you are in the country, actually) and, in cases like these, sometimes a little escapism is necessary.

So, everyone’s favorite Christmas story, Happenstance, and it’s sequel, Incident, will be free from Dec. 21-25! (Kindle version, of course–but paperback is always available if you want some pages between your fingers.)

While Happenstance isn’t aaaactually about Christmas, it does begin on Christmas Day, when Caprice–after a fight with her mother–stumbles out of her bedroom window and into a magic tree. She might have thought hanging out with her family was bad, but it’s nothing compared to dealing with finicky sparrow, Nyx, and overly-friendly half-elf, Rune.



Oct 31st: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) ☆☆☆☆☆

The only reason this isn’t the ultimate Halloween movie is because it’s the ultimate HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS COMBINATION!

Gee, whiz. Halloweason is over now, but it sure was fun! The finale on my list is the incredibly popular Tim Burton masterpiece directed by Henry Selick. It’s funny, sweet, creepy, and has amazing, singable songs throughout. You can catch it on Disney+ this holiday season, but it’s honestly a great watch that shouldn’t be trapped to only cold weather watching.

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Oct 30th: Hocus Pocus (1993) ☆☆☆☆☆

The perfect potion for Halloween cinema includes three doofy witches, a couple bratty teens, and a WONDERFUL and PERFECT talking cat.

Oh my goodness. My gosh. My heavens. I love this movie–I have loved this movie since I was a wee, little child. I love this movie so much that I’m not going to chance much of a summary because I will be tempted to examine every little detail of the film. So let’s just focus on what Kenny Ortega’s Halloween cult classic, available on Disney+, does right.

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Oct 29th: Twitches (2005) ☆☆☆☆☆

Ah, more secret witches, but this time with secret twins, too!

Disney was really on a kick with secret witches (Wizards of Waverly Place, too.) These stories are the ultimate “you can be anything” inspirational pieces, because the characters are just like everyone else until they realize they aren’t! In that case, they haven’t been like everyone else since the very start, but that doesn’t matter. This movie, while sprinkling in a good heap of magic dust and general tomfoolery, is a story about family and love and is, honestly, just as engaging as the first time I watched it when I was eight.

Twitches (and the subsequent Twitches Too, which I FORGOT EXISTED!) is available on Disney+ for your viewing pleasure. This film was directed by Stuart Gillard and adapted from a book series of the same name by H. B. Gilmour & Randi Reisfeld.

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Oct 28th: Return to Halloweentown (2006): ☆


This movie was a vague, boring memory in the back of my mind so horrible that I couldn’t remember anything that happened in this film until after I watched it happen again. Pffffffttttttt BAD! IT’S BAD! Sara Paxton as Marnie is WEIRD and BAD (sorry, Sara Paxton, because it’s really not your fault) and too many old, beloved characters, like Aggie and Sophie, either barely appear or don’t appear at all (as I said before, Emily Roeske started moving away from acting, but maybe the void wouldn’t have been so GREAT if this movie never EXISTED.

Directed by David Jackson and streaming on Disney+. Let’s get to the scathe, then.

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